Overwatch Season 29

It's a new season of Overwatch! This season, I decided to give it another try in the game’s Competitive Mode just to see how I would do, especially after taking an extended break from the game.

Competitive gameplay is where the system tracks your win/loss progress and assigns you Skill Rating (SR). SR is an integer from 0 to 5000 and it represents how good the game thinks you are compared to other players, like an Elo system. The purpose of this is to give players a balanced game by setting up matches between players of a similar skill level.

When I first started playing Overwatch back in 2016 (Season 3), the game was different. The SR system was different, hero abilities and even the rules of the game itself were also different. Blizzard, the game’s developer, has done a lot of work to tweak the balance of the game. It was such an addictive game that I injured my arm by playing so much.

The one thing I have never liked about Overwatch was how toxic and offensive players could be. The competitive nature of the game seemed to bring out the worst in some people.

Season 29 of Competitive Play

After a bit of a hiatus from ranked play, I decided to get back into it. Of course, I encountered the usual cheaters and throwers, but still managed to do alright.

Overwatch Competitive Replay Records

I'm sad to report that the level of player toxicity is just about the same as it has always been, despite all the things Blizzard has done to make things better. I think I'll be going back to Quick Play because you aren't expected to be a "tryhard" and join voice chat.

So, how did I do? I ended up with ratings that are right in the middle of the overall SR band. The games went well and were fun for the most part. This season, I played Damage heroes that I wasn’t too familiar with. On Support, I was likely underperforming because I was tired and, at times, fed up with the toxicity.

The takeaways from my experience are: don’t play when you’re tired, and don’t play Competitive games for too long. I think 2-3 games will be the most I would want to play in Competitive mode in any particular session.

  • Tank Role SR: 3900
  • Damage Role SR: 3871
  • Support Role SR: 3515
Overwatch Season 29 Skill Rating Results