About Jeff

I was born in Taiwan and grew up in Hawaii. I studied Computer Science at the University of Hawaii (UH).

I have been writing code professionally for the past 19 years in C#, Java, and PHP. I have done extensive front end development work with Javascript, HTML5, and CSS (including SCSS, and LESS). Roles I have held over the years include: software engineer, technical lead, technical manager, sales engineer, and solutions architect.

I am currently a Senior Software Engineer at Intel.

Code Downloads

Project Euler #35: Circular Primes
added 10/21/2014

Both solutions have been implemented using the Specification Design Pattern. In the .NET solution, Parallel.ForEach was used for parallel processing. In Java, a multi-threaded processing implementation is provided by ForKJoinPool.

Project Euler #22: Name Scores
added 11/15/2014

The solution was implemented using the Strategy Design Pattern allowing us to easily swap and test algorithms at run-time. For example, if the namescore calculation requirement changed, it would be straightforward to write and test the implementations.